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Digital Marketing

Have a complete marketing team working to grow your business.

About us

Integrated marketing agency and production house having presence in UK, Canada, Delhi and Mumbai.

We at BLUE PANDA LABS are COMMITTED to your result. We have the capacity for action and optimisation guided by the analysis of real data from your (our) campaigns.

Quantitative Analysis and Feedback – We will look at your data and put together a personalized strategy for your business to reach higher and higher levels of revenue.

Proven Track Record – We achieve results through solid methodological process that have been validated over the time.

Accelerated Growth – We find and target the important metrics you need, to scale your business with speed.

Want us to generate results?

    What's your segment?

    What is your monthly turnover?

    Get to know our method and tools that we use in our daily lives to build sales conversions:

    Strategic planning & consulting

    At the moment there are numerous opportunities and paths to be explored in digital marketing for your company to grow more. We help you make the right decisions in the best possible way.

    Generation of qualified LEADS

    No business exists without sales, and there are no sales without opportunities. We have a specialized team and the right strategies to generate leads for your business to grow.

    CRO and A/B test management

    Performance runs through our veins: we optimize your company’s conversions and extrapolate results with the highest ROI and transparency possible in the short term.

    Email Automation and Nurturing

    What do you do with your lost or disqualified leads? With copywriting, email rules and landing pages, you can educate your leads and turn them into real sales opportunities. This way you reduce churn and increase the productivity of your commercial team, since education becomes automatic.

    Management of paid media (ADS)

    Reach your shoppers wherever they are, whether on the google search network, the display network, youtube or social media. We are certified partners and experts in paid media: get to know our cases. Our methodology is based on web analytics, highly persuasive landing pages and constant optimization of the performance of your KPIs.

    Strategy of Social networks

    How are your social networks? Remember that social media are the channels that most collaborate in your consumer’s purchasing decisions. We have a qualified team that does not post for the sake of posting, rather analyzes and plans each strategy based on your goals as a business. Data-driven social networks!

    Grow fast using the power of the internet.

    Changes in consumer behavior and preferences define market paths. The result is visible: the numbers of internet purchases only increase with every year. E-commerce revenue in India grows every year and presents a favorable scenario for companies prepared to sell online.

    If you want to accelerate the growth of your business, you need to attract more people and have a strategy in place to convert them into customers.

    And in that, Blue Panda Labs can help you.

    What are we going to find out?

    Segments and Content
    We will be able to know beyond the ideal segmentations, whether the marketing content aligns with the best performance for each segmentation.

    We’ll know which campaigns, keywords, editorial lines, and targeting perform best in leads and sales for your product.

    Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tiktok? What is the best channel and strategy for your product? Let’s find out?

    Is your sales team making progress with the treadmill? We will have full visibility.

    Our Approach

    With Creative intelligence, it is possible to transform everything. From data collection to action planning. From the design of experiences to their execution.

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    Data Collection

    Tailor made digital products and creative solutions for small businesses and freelancers.

    2 2

    Action Planning

    Our web development starts and ends with a best-in-class experience strategy.

    3 3

    Smart Execution

    We look to engage with our clients beyond the conventional design and agency relationship,

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    Repeat and Intelligence.

    We eliminate gaps in your growth journey through integrated data and intelligence

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    We love our clients from all over the world. We fine-tune a marketing plan that allows us to laser focus and target your audience.

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