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We create world-class digital products materials that communicate clearly.

About us

Integrated marketing agency and production house having presence in UK, Canada, Delhi and Mumbai.

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Blue Panda Labs has been launched by Pranav Choudhary with a vision of providing world class post production services to off-shore clients and make it cost effective for them in turn. He has been an Agency Producer / Films Head with over 18 years of work experience that has enabled and empowered him to work with international brands worldwide. He has handled huge portfolios with international parallel shoot films for different regions for brands world over.

Brands that Pranav has worked with as an Agency Producer in the past are – General Motors, LG, Dabur, Coca-cola, Reckitt Benckiser, Jhonson & Jhonson, Perfetti, and more…

Media Services

We are here to offer the same expertise gained over hours and hours of hard and smart work in the past. We are aligned with fantastic post production facilitates in India that provide world class output. We specialize and focus on high-end color grading, motion design, visual effects & online.

Color Grading

We bring stories to life through the language of color. Our fusion of award-winning ace colorist’s & dynamic young talent desk, knows how influential a grade can be within the storytelling process.

Visual Effects

We’re scene constructors, collaborators in the filmmaking process with a direct line to the director’s creative vision. From CG characters & food to vast digital matte paintings, delicate composites, invisible beauty work and everything in between. Our VXF team blends its technical & creative abilities to set post-production pipeline during the pre-production stage.

Online, Finishing & Mastering

Our online suits are powered with Autodesk flame, the best software & cosmic creative geniuses are the backbone of our online finishing that counts on highly efficient technical team.

Sound Recording and Mixing

We have teamed up with Ace Production Studios to bring you the best of talents and best of outputs.

Animation and Graphics

Every film has some degree of Computer generated graphics blended into the film, needless to say, we have by now specialized in visualized in pack shot animations and liquid and particles for fresh breath generating toothpastes.

High Speed Turn Table Shoot for Products

How mesmerizing the food shots look when they are shot high speed, each and every ingredient in clear to the eye. We are specialist in this field.

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This is what we do at Digital

We build and activate brands through business insight, strategic vision, and the power of emotion across every element.


Content Marketing
Email Marketing
Performance Marketing
Search Engine Optimization
Social Media Marketing


App Development
Ecommerce Development
Landing Pages
Web Development
WordPress Development


Graphic Design
Logo Design
Motion Graphics
UI/UX Design

Our Approach

With Creative intelligence, it is possible to transform everything. From data collection to action planning. From the design of experiences to their execution.

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Data Collection

Tailor made digital products and creative solutions for small businesses and freelancers.

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Action Planning

Our web development starts and ends with a best-in-class experience strategy.

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Smart Execution

We look to engage with our clients beyond the conventional design and agency relationship,

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Repeat and Intelligence.

We eliminate gaps in your growth journey through integrated data and intelligence

Ask for relevant show reel / portfolios

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